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By John Lindsey

By Frank DiRenzo

By Anna Lilly

By Amanda Freeman

Brand New Christmas Games πŸŽ„

By John Lindsey

By Todd Pearage

By Frank DiRenzo

By Brandon Smart

Why I’m BEYOND Excited About the NEW Sidekick!

This may sound like a hyperbole… but, it’s not… it’s how I genuinely feel about the launch of the NEW Sidekick. It’s one of the most exciting things that has happened to me/DYM/youth ministry in a long time... Read more

Person Icon Doug Fields

What's NEW in Sidekick!

What’s New? πŸŽ‰ December 2023 Full-featured presenter launched! Video backgrounds Embed YouTube and Vimeo Song Select CCLI integration Polls w/Live Voting via Phone Connection Remote Control – use your iPhone or iPad to control the presentation CloudSync – build your presentation anywhere and it’s in the youth room computer... Read more

Person Icon Josh Griffin

Adding images, text, and video to slides in Sidekick

Adding images, text, & video to slides in Sidekick is super simple! Just watch the video below, or scroll down to see step-by-step instructions...Read more

Person Icon Josh Boldman

Most Popular Games Right Now πŸ‘

By Derry Prenkert & Kory Lantz

By Ken Leslie

By DYM Team

By Anna Lilly

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By Jeff Selph & Chapel Students

This Game Was Awesome!

"We had all of our students wanting to participate and come up with funky movies. Even students that were older and think they're too cool for stuff like this and students who usually like to sit out and not participate in games were asking for a turn. Loved it!"

Chris BarefordGraceVA

By Brock O'dell

This Game Is So Much Fun!

"We did this game last night with our students and it was a blast. Tons of chaos, but a lot of fun. I learned the hard way though that I need to do more wall sits. Be prepared, if you have competitive students, this game can take a while to play. I had to cut out a few challenges on the fly due to time. But highly recommend this game!"

MicahSeddon Baptist

Used This Last Year, Kids Still Talk About It

"I used this last year. I had adapted it quite a bit to fit our model, and it was a huge hit. I almost never use pre-written lessons, but this was a GREAT launching pad. Highly, highly recommend this to anyone trying to figure out their Christmas lessons."

Tim LundstromQuaboag Church

By Matt Brumfield

Surprising Fun!

"I staged this game on a Sunday prior to Christmas and invited the leaders to take the challenge and let the kids cheer them on and be the judges. We laughed the whole time as the leaders surprised everyone with their hidden Rap skills and ability to flow with the beat. We'll do this one again. :)"

Kelly KaminskasLakeside Church

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