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Using Sidekick For The Big Game

This will be short & sweet. I was talking with Cooper M. (an awesome High School Pastor in Lancaster, PA), and he showed me how he’s using Sidekick during their group’s Big Game Party this Sunday. You’ve gotta see this:...Read more

Person Icon Josh Boldman

New Feature Alert: (Re)Introducing the Spinning Wheel!!!

Starting today, all Sidekick users can now add a Spinning Wheel to any slide in their Sidekick presentation! Plus, because the new Sidekick is absolutely incredible, you can now customize the wheel in ways you never could before, like: You can resize the wheel and move it to any part of the slide (even off the edge of the slide!)... Read more

Person Icon Josh Boldman

Sidekick: Adults Love It Too!

What a fun night! We just kicked off our 2024 Life Group session with a leader training night, and of course … incorporated Sidekick and it’s killer new live polling option. We asked several questions, but this is the one that had the most buzz: After we’d given an overview of our upcoming Asking for a Friend series, we asked which of the topics they were most nervous to cover or teach. The answer wasn’t surprising – in fact, it confirmed what we had guessed which ones they would be apprehensive about...Read more

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Lots of Shouting!

"We played this game tonight with our students. This was super fun. Great questions and fun insight with the answers. We had our students move from one side of the room to the other based on the true or false answer. There were several answers that students were shouting "No Way!!" It was really funny. Great questions and fun graphics too. Another hit! Add this one to your list!"

Erik (with a k)

Epic Crowd Game!

"These are such great games! They engage the whole room and offer such a high quality of a simple idea that everyone can participate in. They are all worth it, and we've found they're best played with friends trying to help each other come up with a good guess. Snag it!"

Tony M.Creekside Christian

By Josh Boldman

Art For The Win!

"This game is brilliant! I love it because it is an excellent opportunity for your students who are creative and love the arts with an extra challenge!!"


By Jared Furze

Best Game Ever!

This game is so fun. My group laughed their faces off and the next week we had students wanting to play again.


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