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“Cycle-Breaker” is a four-week small group study about taking the hand you’ve been dealt in life and refusing to let it define you. No matter what your family is like, what happened in your past, the struggles you face personally, or what people have said about you—God wants to define your identity. By the power of the Holy Spirit, you can overcome, shatter the statistics, break off generational curses, and chart a new path for generations to come for God’s glory. This series is all about real people from the Bible who were cycle breakers, and how you can be one, too!

This series teaches students directly from the Bible with a heavy emphasis on practical application. Students will walk away knowing HOW to become cycle breakers through the hands-on application activities.

Week 1 - "Noah: Standing Alone"
Scripture: Genesis 6:5–14, 17–22, 7:1, 9–10, 12, 17–24, 8:1, 13–22, 9:8–17

Week 2 - "Rahab: Don’t Let Your Past Define You"
Scripture: Joshua 2, 6:17–25, Matthew 1:5, Hebrews 11:31, James 2:25

Week 3 - "Josiah: Don’t Let Anyone Look Down on You Because You Are Young"
Scripture: 2 Kings 22–23:25

Week 4 - "Zacchaeus: Repentance & Radical Action"
Scripture: Luke 19:1–10

This Resource Includes:
• Series overview
• 4 ready-to-give-to-your-leaders small group guides (including: series goal, weekly goal, leader reminders and tips, ice breakers, starter questions, Bible study, application questions, a practical hands-on activity, supply/print list, a practical Bible-reading challenge (S.O.A.P.), prayer prompter, and a sample text message for follow up)
• High-quality graphics (title, weekly social media, PNG, and blank slides)

Note from the Author

Although this series doesn’t include teaching manuscripts, you could easily take the content and write a message series without breaking a sweat. We’ve even included the graphics if you choose to do so. This could also be a great camp theme! This series has all you need to have four impactful weeks of small group with very little effort on your part! It’s enough content to fill an hour in small groups, and easily to adapt if you don’t have that much time. The best part of this series are the weekly application activities!

Cycle-Breaker Small Group Series

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A 4-week small group series about real people from the Bible who were cycle breakers, and how your students can be one, too!
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Sabrina Hadro

Sabrina has been doing youth ministry for 12 years. She has her bachelor's degree in Youth Ministry from Lincoln Christian University. She has staff experience both working in mega churches and at a church plant, middle school and high school, creative arts, small groups, and director roles.

Now, by day she is the momma to 2 little girls in the land of 10,000 lakes: Minnesota! Her and her husband love attending River Valley Church and currently volunteer with the local FCA. And she still loves creating resources to help other youth workers win!

Jordan Floro

Jordan Floro is married to Melissa and together, they have two awesome kids! He has served at Hibernia Baptist Church since 2018. He grew up in Ohio, played college football in South Carolina, and now lives in Florida.

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