Youth Ministry Lost & Found Lootbox

Youth Ministry Lost & Found Lootbox

GOLD members pay $1,949.99
Every Wednesday night there’s at least 2 sweatshirts left on the chairs...



Also ... April fools!!

Every Wednesday night there’s at least 2 sweatshirts on the chairs...

2 months after camp and a tub is still full of unread mail… (the brownies are gone and any gift cards have been "donated" to the ministry)

There’s stuff that’s left in the youth room that you’re holding onto in hopes that they might claim it if they return as a volunteer after college.

You've quietly taken a few items here and there to clothe your children, but now what?

For centuries, the church lost and found has held trash and treasures alike, relics and refuse, with the only option being donating it away. You’ve felt guilty thinking about helping yourself, but NO MORE.

With Lost and Found Lootbox from DYM, we take the best of the lost and found from churches all over the world and ship you a box every month full of great stuff! And because it’s not from your church, there’s ZERO GUILT in trying to get it back to its owner! WIN WIN!

For the low price of $2999.99 a month ($14.99 if you’re a Gold Member! #goldmemberperks)

You can enjoy a curated selection of some of the finest found items from all over the world.

DYM Team

DYM Team

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