Youth Group Fun and Games

Youth Group Fun and Games

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Break out these ready to go games or be inspired to create your own!


Fun is the Greek word that came from the Latin root of the Hebrew verb found in Wikipedia meaning FUN! This three-letter word should not scare us when doing ministry. No doubt our student ministries want to make Jesus famous and real in the lives of our students. The words of Jesus are far more important than any game that can be played. It just might be the game that you play with students that will allow you or earn you the right to be heard. When students see how real you are and how much fun a follower of Jesus can be - they just might listen to what Jesus did for them on the cross.

Youth Group Fun and Games will help you plan some of the FUN within your student ministry. This book is not just a list of game ideas but also a coaching device to help you plan FUN that will include students, Time management of FUN and get your creative juices flowing.

Bob Anderson