Student Leadership Retreat Bundle

Student Leadership Retreat Bundle

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Everything you need to start designing your next student leadership retreat.


This is the complete package: everything you need to start designing your next student leadership retreat! You’ll receive scripts for three teaching sessions, a 14-page student booklet, a “prayer circle” packet with 19 different prayer prompts, and graphic slides and fonts for promoting the event.

The theme of the teaching sessions centers around defining student leadership and what it means to be a student leader:
Session 1 – What Student Leadership is NOT
Session 2 – What Do I Need to Do as a Student Leader?
Session 3 – How Can I Grow As a Student Leader?

This Resource Includes:
• Three teaching session scripts (one roughly 300 words + prayer circle activity, the second about 900, the third about 770)
• 14-page student booklet including a welcome note, retreat schedule, session notes
• Prayer Circle Activity (Word Doc of 19 prayer prompts on individual pages)
• Graphic slides and fonts for promotion purposes

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josh Evans