Plan a Fantastic Retreat

Plan a Fantastic Retreat

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We want to make your retreat planning a no-brainer! Here are a collection of resources we think will save you a ton of time and energy to plan a fantastic retreat for your students.
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DYM Team

DYM Team

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Llama-tested, youth ministry approved! Resources by the DYM Team are trench-tested, high-quality, and stand up to the DYM L.L.A.M.A. standards: Looks great, Laughs guaranteed, Actually used in real youth groups, Made with love, And...we ran out of things for the acronym but you get the point.

How to use these resources together

We want to make your retreat planning a no-brainer! We’ve included the Mountain to Valley Retreat Weekend because of how comprehensive this resource is: 4 teachings, worship sets, PowerPoint files, session schedules, and a ton more - it’s seriously all there! And to help you plan all the details (because retreats are ALL details!) we included a Retreat Planning Bundle that will help you check every to-do list item off your list in half the time. We want to make sure your leaders are prepared to care well for students on retreat so we added a guide to walk them through prior to your retreat and we also added in a fun camp/retreat-specific game that involves the whole crowd and can be done during a retreat session!

  1. Teaching, Worship Sets, Schedule, etc: Mountain to Valley Retreat Weekend
  2. Logistics and Planning: Retreat Planning Bundle 
  3. Equip Your Leaders: Retreat Leader Guide 
  4. Game: Say What? Camp Edition 

Selected resources for this set

By Jim Clark & Mike Haynes

By Mark Confer

By Ronald Long

By Nick Clason

Entire Set: $44.00