Retreat Leader Guide

Retreat Leader Guide

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A guide to hosting and leading a leader meeting before a retreat.


Doug's note: I love this type of DYM product. I don't want volunteers going to camp without clear expectations--this is so helpful.

Going on a retreat and taking adults with you? Plan a meeting with this helpful guide! Set the expectations in advance and leaders can understand what you want from them so that you and your students can have an awesome retreat together!

This leader guide assumes your retreat will have a large group time followed by small groups or a debrief session. If that's not the case, feel free to remove "Small Group Tips" and go from there!

This Resource Includes:
• Complete Guide (Word file) with the following components -
- Suggested meeting agenda
- Leader tips on how to interact with students
- Leader tips on how to lead a small group/debrief session at the retreat
- Example packing list and schedule


Ronald Long

Middle School Pastor in Texas and Co-Host of The Middle School Ministry Podcast in the DYM Network