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A 4-week series about four ordinary women that God used to do some extraordinary things.


The Bible is filled with stories of ordinary women and men who God used to do some extraordinary things. However, more often than not, the stories of the women are overlooked as we tend to focus more on the stories of the men.

In this series, we will look at four women whom, because of their incredible faith, God used to alter not only the course of their own people, but the entire world.

Week 1 - Ruth & Naomi (Ruth 1–3)
Week 2 - Deborah (Judes 4:1–16)
Week 3 - Esther (Esther 1–5)
Week 4 - Mary (Luke 1:28–38)

This Resource Includes:
• 4 word-for-word manuscripts
• 4 small group lessons
• Title and Content graphic (jpg)


Mark Ordus