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A 4-week series addressing the 4 chapters of Jonah.


In this four-week message series covering the story of Jonah, students will have each chapter broken down. There is a ton to learn from the life of this run away prophet, and we can learn about how gracious and compassionate God is at the same time.

Week 1: Chapter 1 God is pursuing us even if we are not pursing Him, and He calls us to something greater.

Week 2: Chapter 2 When we get alone with God, He speaks to us in ways that will change our lives forever. We will look at the confessions of Jonah in the belly of the beast.

Week 3: Chapter 3 God is a God of second chances, and when we begin to obey God and His ways, He begins to move in even bigger ways.

Week 4: Chapter 4 We realize that the book of Jonah is not really about Jonah; it’s all about God and how great and compassionate He is.

What’s included:

    • A 1500+ word teaching transcript for each week’s lesson


Justin Knowles