Gold+ - Monthly (500 Connections)

Gold+ - Monthly (500 Connections)

Enjoy all the #goldmemberperks, store credit, downloads AND get Sidekick with Phones. Connect up to 500 phones for interactive, live participation in polls & presentations.


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We also offer Gold+ plans with more connections!

What is a connection? Every time you run a poll (or other feature using connections) you get a certain amount of phones connected to your live presentation at the same time. So in this case, you get up to 500 phones connected at the same time.

Scroll to the bottom of this desciption to find our what Sidekick features Gold+ (500 Connections) includes.

5.2 billion youth workers can't be wrong! (OK, we may be exaggerating just a wee bit )


Get in on the best deal in youth ministry history that's now been taken to the next level. Gold+ now includes 500 phone connections to your presentations, polls and more in our newly redesigned and more powerful Sidekick presentation tool made for youth groups. It'll take your teaching, your game time and your engagement to the next level!


As a Gold+ member, you get Sidekick with Phones AND receive all the incredible benefits of our Gold Membership, which includes:


When you become a Gold member, you get:

  • Access to Sidekick , the presentation tool designed to help you engage your students every week
  • $20 Monthly Credit: You score $20 credit in your account every month for shopping for what YOU need for your ministry.
  • 35% off store prices every day
  • Eight NEW, amazing resources every month, including a killer game, video, countdown video, social media assets, and more
  • And surprise #goldmemberperks throughout the year!


Yep...that's how good a DYM Gold Membership is. That's why we call it “The Greatest Deal in the History of Youth Ministry!”


What is the DYM Membership?


Important note: $109.99 will be charged to the card on file the day you sign-up and again automatically on that same date each following month.


If you are into fine print, here it is! If you don't find full value in the DYM Membership, have any questions, or have trouble canceling, you can always contact us at [email protected] . We want to help you win in any way that we can!


Gold+ is more than a membership – it's a community of 1000s of like-minded youth workers that are working hard, but also working smart.

We share in the task of sharing the Gospel - so do what only you can do in your local youth ministry context, and let us take care of some things to save you time, budget and drop in an extra splash of color and creativity to youth group. Gold+ is the best deal in youth ministry history, and once you experience it you'll agree, too!


DYM Gold+ (500 Connections) Sidekick Features:

500 Phone Connections*(Live Voting)
*# of devices voting in a live poll

8 Active Presentations*
*# of presentations running at the same time 

100 GB of Image File Storage*
*GB of storage available

60 Minutes Max Video Length*
*Max Length of single video upload

1000 Minutes Total Video Storage*
*Total length of all videos uploaded

10 Admin User Workspace*
*# of users who can create and edit presentations in the workspace


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DYM Team

DYM Team

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