Glow - 4 Week Series

Glow - 4 Week Series

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A 4-week teaching series on how your students can GLOW for Jesus.


Glow is a four-week series that shows students ways they can GLOW for Jesus. Each week, students will learn a new lesson on how to grow in faith and shine like a light in the world. There are four full manuscripts, PowerPoint slides, student handouts, logos, and daily Scriptures to remind students what they learned.

Glow Series Breakdown:
Week 1: Light & Dark – Genesis 1, Revelation 21, & Matthew 5
Week 2: Connect to the Source – John 15:1–9
Week 3: Children of the Light – John 1:1–13
Week 4: Imitators of the Light – Ephesians 5:1–16

This Resource Includes:
• 4 full manuscript messages (editable Word documents)
• Message notes sheet for each talk to give to students (editable Word documents)
• Content for you to create four weeks work worth daily scriptures (Excel file). Send them via text messages or post online through your student's social media page.
• Title and Content Slide graphics


Mark Confer