First Few Years Starter Pack

First Few Years Starter Pack

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Are you new to DYM? We're so excited for you! We've put together a collection of resources for your weekly program to get you started on all that DYM has to offer.


We are THRILLED to give you this DYM Starter Pack for FREE!

At DYM we are in the midst of some really exciting plans to help “newish” youth workers build a healthy youth ministry at the beginning stages of their leadership journey. We want you to last and we want to save you from some pain.

I (Doug Fields) wrote a book several years ago titled, Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry… and I get more comments about this book than almost anything I’ve ever done. Youth workers have expressed their desire for a little guidance and coaching to mix with their own talents, passions, and opportunities.

That’s exactly what we plan to do for you in a big way!

If you’ve somehow stumbled on this page and you haven’t signed up yet for our other FREE recourses and guidance designed especially for those in their First Few Years… go here and join this wonderful group.

Okay! Let’s get to the FREE resources! With this first FREE bundle, we want to help you with some crucial areas that you need to win in during this season. Here’s what we’ve got to get you started:

1. Roles and Goals Time Management Tool (by Doug Fields)

We HAD to include this! One youth worker told us: "I have copy-and-pasted the link to this resource and sent it to more youth workers than I can count as it’s perfect for the new youth worker (or anyone who struggles with time and balance). Ever since I read Doug’s system I have had my five main roles on my desk to help me remember my objectives when I'm planning my week and my responsibilities." – Allison Williams

2. Two games that are Plug-and-Play winners: Crowd Charades Vol 3 & Nailed or Failed Cat Edition 

Both of these are easy to play and super fun! Crowd Charades will get your whole audience involved and moving and the Cat game is simply hilarious and creates great crowd energy. 

3. A Message/Teaching Series: Metamorphosis (by Sabrina Hadro)

This 3-week spiritual growth teaching resource is by one of our beloved DYM authors, who is known for her well-formatted, easy-to-use content that often comes with a ton of extra goodies (this one comes with two screen games)! Sabrina understands communicating with teenagers and constantly creates quality content. Use this when you’re in a bind, hand it off to a volunteer, scan it to see how another youth worker teaches, or look it over as an example of what’s available for you at DYM.

4. A Student Ministry Volunteer Process

One of the keys to building a healthy youth ministry is to find the right people to work alongside you. You don’t want “just anyone” to join you… you want the “right ones” to join your team. For that to happen, it’s best to have clear expectations! This packet was designed to guide potential volunteers through content that is essential to know BEFORE they join. After being exposed to the expectations, if they’re still interested, you can have them fill out the application and take the next steps. Learn from this experience youth worker or copy and adapt to fit your setting.

5. A Video Pack: Sunset Music Visualization Countdowns 

There are a lot of great ways videos can help bring clarity to your program—from creating energy to transitioning to more serious moments. This pack includes 3 countdown videos you can use before your service to set an anticipatory mood and let students know when your program begins. 

6. Social Media Guide & Best Practices

This editable guide is meant to help you and your volunteers navigate the ever-changing world of social media. This guide includes best practices and will give you a detailed plan to win with this important form of communication. It’s a super helpful resource.

This should be enough to get you started… and we’ve got a lot more waiting for you. This was just our way of saying “thanks” for serving in youth ministry and letting us know you’re on the newer side of things. We want to help you win and be here to help you solve some of the issues/problems that will come your way.

We’re excited to serve you!

The DYM Team

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