Difference Makers

Difference Makers

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Kick off a new year, semester or season of life with this resource. Challenge your students to be Difference Makers in the season ahead!


Doug's note: I like it! A lot here... well done!

Editor's Note: This is a really great series. It's well-written and has a balance between truth and application. Highly recommended!

How do we change the world? What does it mean to be a difference maker? This is a great series for you to encourage students to step outside of themselves and reach the lost people around them.

Week 1: Difference Makers Let Faith, Not Comfort, Dictate Decisions
Week 2: Difference Makers Belong to a Community
Week 3: Difference Makers are Discipled
Week 4: Difference Makers Share Their Faith

This Resource Includes:
• 4 message manuscripts
• 4 small group lessons
• 4 listening guides with fill-ins
• Social media graphics
• Bumper video
• Photoshop files