5 Student Leadership Messages

5 Student Leadership Messages

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5 messages train and motivate student leaders


A 5-message series intended to help you train and motivate your student leaders and potential leaders. Originally used over a 3-day student leader retreat, these can also be used as individual messages/lessons if you were to meet monthly or quarterly.

1 - Surprised by Leadership:
This message tells the introductory story of God's surprises. There are a lot of biblical surprises of unlikely leaders and it's part of God's way of doing things-He uses unlikely people to serve Him in wonderful ways.

2 - The Balance of Friends & Ministry:
This message challenges students to think about friendships and ministry. They will examine the difference between popularity and having a few deep friendships, and to consider how a misunderstanding of student leadership can lead toward cliques.

3 - Being a Leader while being a Follower:
The intent of this message is to challenge student leaders to think more deeply about what it means to follow Jesus. Being a disciple isn't about being perfect, but it's also not about simply showing up to youth group. Attendance ? discipleship.

4 - Reducing the Fear-Factor of Evangelism:
This is designed to help student leaders understand there's more to evangelism than simply trying to "convert" their friends (there's both a "live it" and a "speak it" element of evangelism). The scary-factor of evangelism can be reduced when the foundational conviction of Jesus becomes stronger.

5 - An Ordinary Day becomes a Leadership Opportunity:
This closing session is a simple reminder that leadership isn't reserved the most popular, the most outgoing, the most consistent in attendance... being a student leader is about being sensitive to God's Spirit moving. Being available. Being willing. Being open to being used by God in extraordinary ways... as an ordinary teenager.

Doug Fields