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You've Got 2 Be Kidding Me is a ridiculous trivia game show that you can play with your youth ministry! One or more contestants are brought on stage and given the opportunity to answer questions that no one in their right mind should know! Lucky for them, they can pick from four answers. The contestant with the most points in the end, wins!

The great thing about this game is we provide the questions and slides, and you get to make up the rules! You decide how many contestants you have, how they buzz in, how many points each question is worth, etc. It's your game, we just help make it awesome!


You get all sorts of fun stuff! Lets take a look!
- Awesome Intro: A video intro with fun music and a dancing logo. Great opener for the game.
- Extra music: Contestants are taking their sweet time getting to the stage? We have music for that! Want something nice to play in the background while you interview them? We have music for that too! Never a dull moment.
- Eight questions: You heard/read that right! Eight funny/insane/pointless questions to throw up on the screen! Each question comes with four slides:
  1. Question slide
  2. Answer slide
  3. Wrong slide (complete with buzzer)
  4. Correct slide (nice DING DING included)

You've Got 2B Kidding Me!

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Ridiculous trivia game show

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