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A 3-week Bible study on Women in the Bible for high school and college girls. Each week is complete with a leader's teaching guide, girl's teaching notes and a take home study.

Week 1 - Eve
Being a woman is more complex. So lets go back to the beginning and see where "WOMAN" came from, WHY she was created, and HOW that affects us today.

Week 2 - Rebekah Part 1
When we choose to follow Jesus the journey we take is full of unknown twists and turns. It's an adventure unlike any other. Rebekah chose to step out in faith and go on an adventure, trusting that God had something great ahead.

Week 3 - Rebekah Part 2
The choices we make come from desires in our heart. These desires can be good or they can be bad, either way there are consequences from our choices. This week we will look at how Rebekah's desires affected her choices and the lives of others.

Women of the Bible - Vol 1

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A 3-week study on significant women in the Bible

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Kim has led various ministry rolls over the years serving alongside her husband, Danny, in student ministry. She is a mom to 2 teenage boys and loves dark chocolate, traveling, cooking, creating and being in nature.

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