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Viva! is a series of four-week curriculum sets for leading students in small group discussions. Each week in the series is broken down into seven helpful, easy-to-follow sections that surround a particular theme. These seven sections are:

1. Lesson Objective
2. Prep
3. Opening Activity
4. “Say Something Like"
5. Bible Exploration
6. Response
7. Closing Activity

Viva! Rest guides students through a Scripture-based study on the concept of rest.

Week 1 – Sabbath
This lesson explores the Biblical meaning of rest, unpacking some of the intentions behind the Sabbath and digging into some ways that we might learn to live life a little more rested.

Week 2 – Break
This lesson draws out the meaning of rest further from the Sabbath day of rest into what a pause in work looks like.

Week 3 – Location
This week, we explore the rest that consoles us when we encounter troubles.

Week 4 – Receiving
This final lesson recaps the previous three and ties them all together into Jesus, the Lord of the Sabbath. As the creator of rest, Jesus can speak into what we need and how we can accept his offer of rest.

What’s included:
Four un-editable PDF files, one for each lesson
Template slides and graphics in JPEG and .PSD formats


Viva! Rest

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Four week small group curriculum on resting in Jesus.
retail: $6.00

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