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Viva! Remember is a four-week exploration of Jesus’ words “do this in remembrance of me… ” at the Passover meal. It will look at the original Passover and God’s warning not to forget. It will also cover Passover celebrations after that culminating in the Last Supper.

Week One
Every morning when you wake, you face the challenges of the day. How do you decide what to do, where to go or even who you are?
In the Bible, God constantly asks us to remember. Remember. It’s a powerful word. Our memories are the foundations of our world. We can’t know who we are or where we are going without knowing who we are connected to, who we were, or where we have been. This Viva! series explores the importance of remembering as revealed from the narrative of the Bible.

Week Two
In Week One we discussed the importance of memory to the functioning of our daily life. We saw how our memory has spiritual implications as well. For us to know ourselves spiritually, we need to remember who we are and who God is.
In this lesson, we turn our attention to the things God instructs his people to remember (or not forget!)— specifically the acts he performed and the qualities that they represent.

Week Three
In Week Two, we discussed a few specific things that God told the Israelites to remember about himself. We also considered what those things might say about the character of God and the qualities he possesses. Repetition was highlighted as a way to store and strengthen the memories from which we draw to form our opinions about God. In this lesson, we will consider some of the things God intends for us to remember about ourselves and why sometimes we fail to do so.

Week Four
Over the course of the last three lessons, we have talked a great deal about remembering. We looked at the question of why we need memories, and what we can do to help store that information. This helps us so that our memories of God and ourselves will be strong, accessible, and useful to us going forward in our life of faith. In this lesson, we will see how testing helps our memories even more.

About Viva
Includes 4 lessons, instructions, and two slide templates for PowerPoint, Keynote, MediaShout, ProPresenter or another display system.


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Viva: Remember

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A 4-week small group exploration of Jesus words, “do this in remembrance of me.”
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