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Viva! is a series of four-week curriculum sets for leading students in small group discussions. Each week in the series is broken down into seven helpful, easy-to-follow sections that surround a particular theme. These seven sections are:

1. Lesson Objective
2. Prep
3. Opening Activity
4. “Say Something Like"
5. Bible Exploration
6. Response
7. Closing Activity
Whether you are looking for a last-minute lesson plan or ideas to add into your teaching, Viva! is designed for youth workers leading a revolution of students living passionately for Christ in their everyday lives.

Week 1: Wrestling with Relevance
Many students have a difficult time believing that the Bible has very much to say that is truly relevant to their lives. Even more students have a difficult time believing they are capable on their own of deciphering and applying anything of significance from the Bible. In this Viva! series, and this lesson in particular, your students will have a chance to actively explore and learn from many different poems and songs found in the Psalms and apply these learnings to their current faith journey.

Week 2: Wrestling with Lament
If we’re honest with ourselves, and with our students, this faith thing can be a bit of a roller coaster. An active faith doesn’t disqualify us from the whiplash that can come from experiencing the highest of highs and the lowest of lows in life. This lesson will look at a psalm of praise and a psalm of lament to convey the truth that God remains faithful through the highs and lows of life.

Week 3: Wrestling with Justice
It’s possible that we’ve heard, or even said it ourselves: “We can say whatever we want to God. He can handle it!” But can we really say anything to God? What if our statement or request is, well, shocking and ugly— is there a place for that in our faith? In this lesson, your students will use Psalm 137 to see how, or if, it can guide our communication toward God.

Week 4: Wrestling with Prayer
Who is allowed to pray and what are we allowed to pray for? Is there a right way to pray? Is there a wrong way? In this lesson, your students will have a chance to use the Psalms as a model for prayer. They will look at what it means to honestly and freely come before God with their thoughts, praises, sadness, and expectations.

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Viva! Psalms

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Four-week small group curriculum on Psalms.

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