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Viva! Grace is a four-week teaching series that explores Matthew 11:28-30 and Jesus’s invitation to us to find rest, life, and purpose, trading our yoke of burden for his yoke of grace. Another resource in the Viva! series from the Youth Cartel that can be used in either large or small group settings.

Week 1: Burdened
This lesson will allow you to provide space for your youth to be fully honest. Are they stressed out, is school a hostile environment, do the expectations placed on their futures weigh heavy, are they confused, and tired of other Christians giving Jesus a bad reputation? This lesson will encourage students to identify the things that are deeper than annoyances—the things that wear them out, and are robbing them of life.

Week 2: Come and Rest
Are you tired/worn out/burned out? Your answer was a resounding yes. So, what now? Jesus answers by saying “come to me, I believe you can be like me.” The invitation is not into a religion, but into a partnership. A partnership where we can not only explore what feeds our souls, but actually find rest for them.

Week 3: Grace
The Message translation of this passage invites us to “learn the unforced rhythms of grace.” How do we allow ourselves to slow down and acknowledge grace—the things we benefit from, but didn’t contribute to? This lesson provides time for reflection and for a creative response, giving your youth space to allow grace to become a rhythm of their lives.

Week 4: Yoked
Jesus doesn’t shy away from defining his invitation as a yoke—something you have to put on, which will feel burdensome at times. However, the yoke of Jesus fits perfectly to our bodies and with it the burdens, though present, are lightened. This lesson will encourage your students to abandon their yokes of burden and stress and pick up the yoke of Jesus that is easy and light.

Includes four complete lessons plans, plus images for use in presentations, announcements, or social media promotion.

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Viva Grace

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A 4-week teaching curriculum on being connected to Jesus.

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