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This screen game is as fun as it is simple. Participants are given the first letter and the last letter of a word. They must come up with a word, that has at least four letters, that has both the first and last letter displayed on the slide. For example, the first letter given is T and the last letter given is M, possible answers could be TeaM, or TraM, or TapeworM, or TranscendentalisM.

This game works great as a small group game or as an upfront game. Break your students into small groups and give them 30 seconds to come up with as many words as they can. Or bring two people up front and see who can find a word the fastest. Either way, you will see who can Think Quick.

This Resource Includes:

• Complete PowerPoint game file
• Individual (20 rounds + instructions) game slides ([jpeg files)
• Title slide [jpeg file]

Think Quick

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Think Quick is a fun and fast screen game where participants must think of words that begin and end with two displayed letters.
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David Rutledge

Dave loves DYM and thinks about nothing other than his next DYM submission. Except for maybe God, his family, serving the church and a couple of other things. After 15+ years in YM in the states, he and his family of 6 serve in Swaziland (Southern Africa) through the missions organization TEAM.

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The reason I am giving this a one is to draw attention to one of the slides. It was a great game; however, when it got the slide (#4 in the examples) I ran into some issues in youth group. A four letter word that starts with a "P" and ends with "N." The boys start giggling and whispering in each others ears... The girls have no idea what could be so funny. Meanwhile I have to stand there with a mic and pray the boy doesn't shout out the word "Porn." It got worse when the girls started to catch on. I just don't want this to happen to someone else.

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