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WEEK 1: THE GOSPEL CHANGES EVERYTHING. To live the gospel life, we must first understand the gospel. To kick off this series, we look at the story of two disciples encountering the resurrected Christ on the Emmaus road in Luke 24, and see that when the truth of the gospel sinks in, it changes everything. Your students will leave knowing that the gospel changes your direction, your destiny, and your mission.

WEEK 2: PRETENDING. One of the greatest enemies to living the gospel life is pretending. This week, we look at the Sermon on the Mount and listen to Jesus paint a picture of what a true disciple looks like. In this message, your students will have a clear idea of what makes an authentic Christ follower and what it means to be salt and light. No one will leave without having seriously evaluated how much they are pretending.

WEEK 3: REPENTING. When we realize the depth of our pretending and our sin, the only response is repentance. This week, we turn to Daniel 4 to read about King Nebuchadnezzar’s journey of repentance and see the four elements of true repentance. Your students will leave understanding that they will never experience the abundant life that Christ wants for them until they deal with those things that are holding them back in their relationships with God.

WEEK 4: PEACEMAKING. For the last sermon on living the gospel life, we look at how to respond to conflict and how to be a peacemaker. James 4 clearly lays out two types of conflicts: self-centered and gospel-centered. Your students will leave with the knowledge of how to choose gospel-centered conflict in order to be peacemakers. Included in this week is a four-station prayer activity to help your students reflect on what they have learned throughout the series and apply it to their lives.

This Resource Includes:
• Message manuscripts for each week (Word files)
• Prayer station content for Week 4 (Word file)
• Series graphics (jpeg files)
• Additional graphics for use in Week 1 (jpeg files)

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The Gospel Life

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A four-week series on how the gospel should completely change everything in our lives.

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Ryan is from Bellevue, NE and has worked in student ministry since 2003. He and his wife have 5 children, 2 rats, a dog, and a bunny. He loves Jesus and middle schoolers. Ryan is also big Colorado Avalanche fan and enjoys playing guitar, media and web design, disc golf, gobstoppers, Haruki Murakami novels, Dr. Pepper, and a nice green lawn.

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