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Doug's notes: This is a well-written, well-researched resource that tackles subjects from the Bible many are afraid to teach about.

The Bloody Bible is a four-week series that looks at some of the stories from the Bible that make us question whether or not God is truly a loving God. We start out with the time God endorsed child sacrifice (Abraham and Isaac), then move into God-ordained genocide (Israel moving into the Promised Land). In the third week, we look at more child killing (the Passover), and end with a vicious execution (the Crucifixion).

Although these stories, at face value, paint God to be violent, unloving, and ruthless, when we dive further in, we see a God who is patient and offers opportunity after opportunity for his people to turn from their sins and follow Him.

This Resource Includes:
• 4 Weeks of Teaching Manuscripts (Word)
• 2 Title graphic options (jpg)
• 1 bumper video (.mp4)

The Bloody Bible

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A 4-week series that digs in to bloody, gruesome, and gory stories from the Bible.
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Eric is the youth pastor at Mount Zion Baptist Church in Columbus, MS. He loves his wife, his two kids, his wood shop, and tailgating at Mississippi State football games. He is passionate about connecting students with the everyday truth of Scripture and helping them live it out!

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