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These devotionals explore God's faithfulness in the midst of literal storms. Help your students understand that they can rely on God in the difficult times.


  • Week 1 - Acts 27 - Paul shipwrecked at sea
  • Week 2 - Mark 4:35-41 - Jesus calms the storm
  • Week 3 - Matthew 14:22-33 - Peter walks on water

    Sermons vs. Devotionals One of the great qualities about DYM is that lots of different youth workers contribute resources. It's a good thing to have many voices speaking into youth ministry. One challenge is that not every message is the same length. Therefore, if a message is less than five pages, we call it a "devotional" and they typically cost $1.50 If a message is more than five pages, we call it a "sermon" and typically cost $3 each.
  • Storm Chasers

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    3-week devotional exploring God's faithfulness in the midst of literal storms

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    John Kryvoruka

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