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This series is based the passage in Ephesians 6 teaching about the Armor of God. This passage uses the picture of battle armor to describe how the Christ Follower is to defend and attack the enemy in the spiritual warfare that is happening around us. The main purpose of this series is to provide students with the ability to Stand on their own when it comes to the enemies attacks.

Week 1: The Battle Around Us
Ephesians 6:10-12 We must recognize the battle going on around us. The enemy knows exactly how to attack and disguise himself. We must choose to be prepared for the spiritual battle. If we don't prepare when things are good, we'll surrender to the enemy.

Week 2: The Defense Pt 1 (Truth and Righteousness)
Ephesians 6:13-14 Paul gives us methods of defense against the enemy. In this first part we will look at the first two defenses we have: Truth, and Righteousness. The picture of Truth, the belt, holds everything together--without the Truth of God, there would be nothing else. Righteousness is something that protects our hearts. Following God's commands keep us from hurt emotionally and physically.

Week 3: The Defense Pt 2 (Peace, Faith and Salvation)
Ephesians 6:15-17 We continue to look at the methods of defense against the enemy. God's peace will give us a firm foundation to stand on. Having faith is what will defend us against the doubt that come in like a flaming arrow. And finally salvation is something to complete the picture. We let God's salvation protect or life and our minds. Salvation isn't just for the future, the Afterlife, but for right now.

Week 4: The Offense (Sword of the Spirit and Prayer)
Ephesians 6:17-18 The final week will shift from defense to offense. What do we have to move forward in the fight? The Word of God and Prayer. It is not good enough to alone defend the enemy, we can actually attack by knowing and using God's Word. Also, the power that comes from prayer to be connected to our God is unmatchable.



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4 weeks about the Armor of God

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Ken is the Assistant Pastor at Stony Creek Church in Utica, Michigan. He and his wife have been married since 2002 and have 2 boys and live in the metro Detroit area of Michigan.

You don't get 15 years experience in youth ministry without getting stuck at amusement parks, loosing kids at rest stops, dealing with frustrated parents, but most of all, seeing life-change.

The resources Ken produces are some of the big winners born out of active ministry. His passion is for good Biblical teaching and fun, inventive games.

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