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This Easter drama focuses on five different stories of Holy Week. Each scene is paired with a describing word highlighting the emotions and feelings of the characters.
  • Scene 1: "Excitement" - Jesus' ride into Jerusalem
  • Scene 2: "Evil" - Judas and the chief priests' plot to kill Jesus
  • Scene 3: "Confused" - Jesus washes the disciples' feet
  • Scene 4: "Regret" - Peter denies Jesus
  • Scene 5: "Joy" - Mary and Martha return from the empty tomb  

    The number of roles is flexible accommodating various group sizes. The scenes move quickly and dialogue is brief. Most students should find it easy to memorize all of their lines.
  • Snapshots of Easter

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    This Easter drama focuses on five different stories of Holy Week.

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    Bill Vervelde

    I like teaching but stunk at all the subjects in school. Now I get to teach the best subject of all - Jesus!

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