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This fun, fast-moving Snapchat-themed game will test your students’ shortterm memories by asking them questions about a funny Snapchat doodle image that disappears after 5 seconds. Can be used as an up front game, a team/table game, or an individual game.

What’s included:
PowerPoint version of the game
68 JPEG slides (title slide, instructions slide, 11 question slide sets)
Read Me instructions document
PDF score sheets to pass out to students

Snap Challenge

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Test your short-term memory by answering questions about Snapchat
photos after they quickly disappear.
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Reid Powell

Reid was a youth pastor in southern California for 13 years and is now pastoring in a small coastal town at the very top of California. He has 3 young kids and loves missions, surfing, hiking through the redwoods, and flying drones.

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Kids love the SnapChat
All our kids are super into Snapchat so they loved this game. I haven't tried the next 2 yet, but I'm sure our kids would be into them too.
Kids enjoyed it!
This was a game my kids really enjoyed. The more the game progressed, the harder the challenges became and the more my kids had fun trying to study the pictures. I'll also be doing Parts 2 and 3 with my group eventually.
Great Icebreaker
Steph 10/21/2015
Great game we used as an icebreaker, students loved it and even our adults were really into it.

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