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Doug's note: DYM'ers know that I love stuff that saves me time and makes me look good. This is a great, reproducible product that I can make as many copies as I want. Not everyone student will do this, but those who do will be helped.

Editor's note: Very solid... practical and easy to follow.

Ever wanted an engaging and fun way to help students slow down their lives? Well, you've come to the right place! This devotional contains four weeks of experiential activities and reflections that will allow your students to create space to slow down and hear from God more clearly.

Each week, students will engage with an activity that helps them slow their life down. Every time a student does the activity, they will read Scripture, pray, and answer reflection questions.

You will not need anything else to make this devotional work. All activities are done by the student on their own. Format the devotional however you’d like. I suggest creating half-page booklets, printing them, and handing them out to your students.

This Resource Includes:
• A four-week, fully editable devotional
• "How to Use This Devotional" overview
• PDF cover pages

Slowing Devotional - 4 Weeks

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A four-week devotional to help your students slow down their lives through experiential activities, Scripture, prayer, and reflection.

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Richard Koch

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