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From the makers of the DIY Circumcision Kit comes the latest in sin scanning technologies! Welcome to the store, the Sin Scanner!

The Sin Scanner is a high tech wand with the ability to detect sin in your students! Simply wave the Sin Scanner around a student as if using a metal detector. Not only with the Sin Scanner emit a loud beep when it detects sin, it will also display the sin on a convenient LED screen in large, red letters!

The Sin Scanner can detect everything from filling your water cup with Sprite at Taco Bell to straight up murder. Now, when students come to your youth group, you can skip the hassle of making them feel comfortable enough to share their sins and just do it for them!


  • Never point the Sin Scanner at yourself!
  • The Sin Scanner is 88% accurate when the battery is fully charged and there's no dust on the device.
  • The Sin Scanner gives off dangerous amounts of radiation.
  • Sin Scanner

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    retail: $30,000.00
    The best Sin Scanner on the market!

    Doug Fields

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