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Do you want to get your students talking while engaging their minds? This simple “either/or” game is perfect for groups of 5 to 5000. Simply drop the five-second​ video files into your presentation software and get ready for your students’ random thoughts and preferences to be shared with one another—and perhaps the entire room!

I’m always looking for simple games with motion backgrounds or video elements. These games must accomplish at least two things: 1) Get students engaged and talking to one another, and 2) Don’t be boring. If you enjoy simplicity and getting your kids talking to each other, this game is for you.

“Which Is Better?” presents your group two similar, yet different items. Either walk around with a handheld microphone in a large group or simply open discussion of each question in a smaller group. If your group is the shy type, simply get students to pair up or form trios and discuss each question conversationally. The possibilities are endless!

Is Nutella better than peanut butter? There’s no right or wrong answer. But there are plenty of opinions. Perhaps this game is just what you need to “break the ice” at your next group gathering. Enjoy!

This Resource Includes:
• Individual (10 rounds) video clips (mp4 files)
• Title video (mp4 file)
• Title slide (jpeg file)

Note from the Author

This resource makes a great icebreaker!

Which Is Better?

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“Which Is Better?” is a screen-based conversation starter resource. It presents your group with two similar, yet different items. They simply discuss which item is better any way you choose-- upfront​, working the crowd, or small group discussion.
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Eric Gargus

God has allowed me to serve churches since the late 90's in youth ministry. Since its beginning, DYM has helped me create a more fun, welcoming, and polished atmosphere in the student ministries I have served. I'm honored to be part of the DYM family, but even more honored to be the husband of Penny and the father of Aydenn!

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