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Editor's note: This is an excellent series. It's well-written and has a strong theme that stretches out well into seven weeks. It's a GREAT way to teach about Joseph.

How do your dreams become a reality? This seven-week series looks at the life of Joseph, and the things he did to trust God to see his dreams come true. It is perfect for both middle school and high school students and will initiative leadership, create conversation, and move students into action to see their dreams come true.

Week 1 - "A Life of Dreams"
Genesis 37:5–11
For your dreams to come true, you must first dream.

Week 2 - "A Life of Forgiveness"
Genesis 37:12–28
To see your dreams come true, you must live a life of forgiveness.

Week 3 - "A Life of Honesty"
Genesis 39:1–10
To see your dreams come true, you must live a life of honesty.

Week 4 - "A Life of Discipline"
Genesis 39:20–23
To see your dreams come true, you must live a disciplined life.

Week 5 - "A Life of Wisdom"
Genesis 41:37–40
To see your dreams come true, you must live wisely.

Week 6 - "A Life of Hard Work"
Genesis 41:46–49
To see your dreams come true, you must work hard.

Week 7 - "A Life of Humility"
Genesis 50:15–21
To see your dreams come true, you must be humble.

This Resource Includes:
• A Teaching Guide for Each Week (Seven Total)
• A PowerPoint File for Each Week (Seven Total)
• A Promotional Video (mp4)
• A Printable Poster PDF
• A Printable Business Card Invite PDF
• Graphics for Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
• A Weekly Pic for Instagram (Eight Total)


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A 7-week series through the life of Joseph, about how your dreams can become a reality.
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Joshua Burks

I get to live in my favorite city in the world- Chicago, IL. I have a wife named Cara, a dog named Bro, and a passion for student ministry.

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