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Editor's note: This is an excellent resource with plenty of great content. Very robust and the small group questions/guides are strong.

The Big Picture is a three-week series intended to provide a "macro view" of the gospel, telling the story of the Bible from the beginning to the end. You'll seek to help students grow familiar with the Big Picture of how God is redeeming and restoring all that is broken (including us)! The goal is that students would not only come to understand this incredible story and this incredible reality but that they would also be able to find their own place within the story.

Here's a summary of the series:

Week 1: The Story from Beginning to End
You'll focus on a general overview of the Big Picture (or, the grand story) of how God is redeeming and restoring all of creation. It starts in Genesis and journeys through creation and the fall. Then it journeys to the Gospels so that students can understand how Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection are critical components in God’s ultimate plan. It wraps up by referencing multiple passages in the Gospels, the Epistles, and Revelation, giving a picture of a day when all will be fully redeemed and restored. (Scripture: Genesis 1:1, 31, 2:1–3; Genesis 3:1–7; John 3:16; Ephesians 2:8–10; Matthew 28:16–20; Revelation 21:4–5).

Week 2: Jesus Talkin’ the Talk
You'll hone in on the teachings of Jesus as found in the Gospel of Matthew (specifically the beginning of the Sermon on the Mount). Students will see how such teachings of Jesus point to God’s big plan to redeem and restore all things (the Big Picture). (Scripture: Matthew 5:1–11, 13–16).

Week 3: Jesus Walkin’ The Walk
We all know that actions speak louder than words. You’ll wrap up the series by looking at how Jesus’ actions (healing, miracles, and His death and resurrection) were a reflection of God’s ultimate plan for the world: to redeem and restore all that is broken. Jesus didn’t just talk about these things on the mountaintop; he ventured down the mountain and lived them out, and He invites us to do the same! The series will then wrap up by discerning what our role is in the wake of understanding the Big Picture. (Scripture: Matthew 7:24–27, 8:1–3, 5–13, 14–17, 9:27–31, 32–34; John 10:17–18; 1 John 4:19).

Note: Common office supplies (notecards, writing utensils, etc.) will be needed.

This Resource Includes:
• Three manuscripts (each between 2,500 and 2,800 words)
• Three PowerPoint presentations to accompany the lesson.
• Three small group question guides
• Three student handouts for self-guided notes and reflection
• Three parent handouts with lesson summaries and post-lesson discussion questions
•Series graphics for social media accounts and promos

Note from the Author

Yes, The Big Picture sure does pack a lot of content (I mean, God's plan is pretty monumental)! With that in mind, take your time and feel free to slow down and marinate in some of the topics it brings to light.

The Big Picture

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A 3-week series on God’s incredible plan to redeem and restore all that is broken (including us)!
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Christian Hesling

My name is Christian! (Yes, it is ironic that my name is Christian and I am a pastor... I get that a lot). I am married to my high school sweet-heart, Jessica, and we have a boxer puppy named Belle (yes, we are dog people). I first felt my call to youth ministry as a high school student at my home church in Pennsylvania. From there I attended Eastern University to study Youth Ministry and Biblical Studies, then moved to Tennessee to acquire a Masters of Arts in Youth Ministry at Memphis Theological Seminary. I have had the opportunity to serve in churches and para-church ministries in Colorado, Tennessee, and now Pennsylvania. I love guitar, long-boarding, short walks on the beach, french toast, and (most importantly) journeying alongside others as we discern how it is that God is actively working in our lives and in our world!

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