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You want God's best for your students… God's best in their friendships, relationships, marriage and sex life. In this epic 5-week sermon series, Doug Fields and Josh Griffin talk to high school students about what it takes to be a good friend, how to date right, handle sex/purity well and have a love that lasts a lifetime.

Week 1: You Have a Friend Request
Josh kicks off the series talking about friendships and how the depth of Christian community and faith changes how we interact with our friends and neighbors and affects who we friend and those relationships. This weekend will include a strong Gospel presentation and the ultimate friend, Jesus.

Week 2: What's Your Status?
Doug Fields is on for week 2 to share about boyfriend/girlfriend relationships. He'll go over character qualities that he looks for in the kind of person he wants and prays his kids will marry.

Week 3: Am I Ready to Date?
Josh talks through true love and how to have a love that will go the distance. How do you know if you're in love? How will I know if she's the one? Is there more than one "Mr. Right" for me? Love and marriage is hard work, and this week we'll look at what it takes to make love last.

Week 4: The Sex Talk
Purity, lust, and sex. Always one of our biggest weekends of the year. Classic Doug Fields stuff. Be sure to send out a letter telling parents you're giving this type of message - it is edgy and definitely needs to be edited for your culture and ministry setting.

Week 5: Pulling it All Together
Josh will pull all of these messages together in one final challenge and call to action for students to live a life in close relationship with Jesus that will change their relationships with everyone else. A close relationship with Jesus changes our friendships, changes our dating life, changes our marriage and changes our sexual desires.

This Resource Includes:
• 5 word-for-word message manuscripts
• Content graphics (title slide, blank slide, and social media graphic)
• Series Sermon Promos: square and widescreen (5 sec .mp4)

Formerly called ‘Facebook Official’, this 2018 rebrand includes updated manuscripts and a new graphics bundle.

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A revamped 5-week series by Doug Fields and Josh Griffin on friendship, love, marriage, and sex.
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