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In this two-week sermon series you will answer the following two questions:

Week 1: What is the Bible?
Week 2: How do I Read the Bible?

The goal of this series is to get really practical and basic; to get students comfortable, familiar, and passionate for God’s Word. The Bible is authoritative, alive, and active. But the Bible is also confusing, BIG, intimidating and full of old stories. The world attacks the reliability of the Bible constantly, which makes students hesitant to read it.

In short, this isn’t an apologetics series on why the Bible is reliable, although that would be a series worth teaching. This is a series where students will start to understand the basics of the Bible.


Week 1: What is the Bible?
The Bible is one BIG book but is actually 66 books from 40 different authors written in three different continents and in three different languages over a period of 1,600 years. This week, students will learn...
1. The Bible is God’s Story
2. The Bible is Unique
3. The Bible is Provocative & Controversial
4. The Bible is Alive and Changes Hearts

Week 2: How Do I Read the Bible?
Once students know what the Bible is, they need to learn how to read it. It’s one of the top five most frequently asked questions youth pastors are asked. Where do I start? It’s so big and hard to understand. This week is more like a workshop where students will receive five basic tips on how to approach the Bible.

The goal in Week 2 is for students to walk away with their own plan on how they want to move forward in reading God’s Word.

In this resource you’ll find more tools and resources than needed to help you intentionally, prayerfully, and diligently plan an enlightening and Biblically based series on The BIG Book. All items included in this resource are 100% editable and ready for immediate use.

This Resource Includes:

The BIG Book

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A two-week teaching series to help students understand what the Bible is.
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Chad Merrihew

Chad Merrihew has served in a variety of youth ministry settings since 2003, where he’s intentionally continued to raise the bar for youth. Chad loves God with all his heart and deeply cares about pointing students towards an intimate relationship with Jesus.

Email: [email protected]

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