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The church has been around for almost 2,000 years and there are a lot of materials that we can find about what church should look like and be about. When it was first starting after Christ ascended to heaven, his first followers didn't have church growth books to build from. Regardless, these followers of The Way, charged ahead with a passion to share the story about Jesus and build a community centered around his resurrection.

The book of Acts tells the story of how these early Christians were coming together, what they cared most about and how they were living out their faith in Jesus. This series of Viva! will explore four important stories from the life of the early church and ask how we can apply them to our lives today.

Here is what we'll be discussing in Viva! The Early Church:
Week 1: Judas' Replacement (Acts 1:15-26)
Week 2: Pentecost (Acts 2:1-13)
Week 3: The Beautiful Gate (Acts 3:1-10)
Week 4: Everything in Common (Acts 4:32-37)

This Resource Includes:
• Student Leadership Meeting
• Four Topical Lessons with Small Group Questions


Viva! The Early Church

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The church has been around for almost 2,000 years
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Free Ebook by Doug Fields

There are plenty of people who are grateful that you do what you do. Your students are, their families are, and your church is, even though they may not say it often enough. I want to say thanks on behalf of them, and model the way we need to be saying thanks to the leaders that serve alongside us—in ten different ways—through this ebook.

Thank YOU!