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Prayer. What is prayer? Have you ever asked yourself that question? I know I have. What do you think about when you hear the word prayer?

The Bible gives us a lot of different examples of prayer and what it looks like. There are prayers of sadness: “All night I’ve been sobbing, drenching my bed in my tears.” There are prayers of adoration: “With all my heart, I will praise you lord.” There are prayers of searching: “God, where are you? Search me, God, and know my heart.”

The truth is, we’ve all asked questions about prayer.

This is a three-week series focused on prayer. There are two weeks designed for a teaching environment, and one week that's specifically designed to be a tangible prayer experience for students to pray and respond. The prayer experience can also be used as a stand-alone event.

Matthew 6:9–13
Psalm 116:1–2
Proverbs 3:5–6

This Resource Includes:
• Two full teaching scripts to help your students understand prayer
• One prayer station experience that can be used as a stand-alone event or as an ending to the series
• 3 complete guides for small group discussions
• Suggested worship set lists
• Suggested videos to use to enhance the teaching portion of the series
• Supply list and instructions for each station in the prayer experience
• Customizable, one-size-fits-all Doug Fields 1990s-style soul patch

Note from the Author

This series and prayer experience brought about so much life change in our students. One story in particular that stands out came from one our sophomores. She never knew prayer could be so tangible and involved. She was reminded of the power of prayer as she moved from station to station. When she participated in the FORGIVENESS station, she felt and experienced so much peace, and felt convicted to talk to her mother. By giving and receiving forgiveness, they began to restore their relationship.

Prayer: Just Talking to God

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A 3-week series designed to help your students grow in their understanding and practice of prayer.
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Eric Hawkinson

Eric is the Core Youth Pastor at Core Church in Broken Arrow, OK. He's the father of 3 and has a passion to equip leaders to be more effective in the way they connect to students. Eric also believes that life is too short for a bad cup of coffee.

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