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In this three-week SMALL GROUP series, you will help students tackle the “Hot Topics” of NOW and the FUTURE with the Bible as their main authority.

The goal is to equip students with ONE question and a variety of applicable Bible navigation skills, which will help youth sort through any tough question in order to find Jesus’ ways.

The three “Hot Topics” you’ll navigate through in this series are...
• Week 1: Abortion
• Week 2: Suicide
• Week 3: Pornography

The ONE question students will be asked each week is, “What response to this “Hot Topic” would please Jesus most?”

You will be asking this question because it appropriately forces students to tackle each topic through the lens of Jesus and the Bible – not through their own ideas or the ideas of the culture.

At the end of each small group session, students will look inward with the personal question, “How do you want to live differently based on what we talked about today?”

This resource does NOT include teaching manuscripts, but provides topic introductions for each week and small group guides for leaders.

This Resource Includes:
• Resource Info (Word file)
• Series Tools: A folder with series summary and series schedule for small group leaders. (Word files)
• Graphics / Promos: High resolution and standard resolution jpegs of the title slide and content slide to build your presentation. You will also receive Instagram/Twitter images (Main Image & Social Blank) to use to promote this series through social media along with a Facebook Cover image as well.
• Bookmarks: Three bookmarks, one for each topic, giving students key Bible passages and the important “Jesus Traits” they’ll need to hold tight to each week. (Word files)
• Teaching Guides: Three guides to help you introduce each topic every week before sending students into small groups. (Word files)
• Small Group Guides: Three guides for your small group leaders to use as they prepare for small groups. (Word files)
• Session PowerPoint Presentations: Sessions slides for each week, following the teaching guides. These are in Keynote, PowerPoint, and JPEG forms.
• Author Note (Word file)

Hot Topics Finding Jesus Ways

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A 3-week small group curriculum getting students into God’s Word to answer messy topics.
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Chad Merrihew

Chad Merrihew has served in a variety of youth ministry settings since 2003, where he’s intentionally continued to raise the bar for youth. Chad loves God with all his heart and deeply cares about pointing students towards an intimate relationship with Jesus.

Email: [email protected]

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