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Doug's note: This is why I love DYM! Talks, media, games, bumper videos, countdowns... now if you could just come teach this to my group I wouldn't have to do anything. :) Seriously, so helpful.

This 3-week message series, games, and graphics pack plays off of the wildly successful Stranger Things 3 (Netflix Series). The messages are fun and insightful looks into some odd Scriptures. Bears mauling kids, Jesus saying drink my blood, and disciples called to hate their moms are just the start in this set.

Week #1: I Have to Eat What? (John 6:50-56)
Week #2: I Have to Hate My Mom? (Luke 14:25-27)
Week #3: Baldy (2 Kings 2:23-25)

The stories in the manuscripts are great!! Don't be afraid to say "let me tell you a story about my friend Jeff" because his stories are really fun and have great points. Always feel free to put your own it...but his are written really well!!

The 3 games will take you back to the 80's (like the Netflix Series) and each video game is a throw back into 8bit arcade fun! Each game will challenge your group in a new a fun way. This would be a great October, or should we say ODDtober series or any time you want a fresh few weeks of fun content to teach!

The games are REALLY engaging. The music helps each game move along quickly but feel free to mute the game and just rock your fav 80's music!

In the game on Periodical Fun all the songs were donated from Joel Dunn's "8 bit worship" game. Feel free to sing along while kids decipher the clues of the game! Also buy his game it is next level good!!

This Resource Includes:
• Complete message manuscript for each week (Word files)
• PowerPoint presentation file for each week
• 3 Video-driven games (mp4 files):
- Periodical Fun
- Scoops Ahoy Scramble
- 80s Price tags
• Graphics package:
- 5-minute countdown (mp4 file)
- Series intro video (mp4 file)
- Title video loop (mp4 file)
- Background slide video loop (mp4 file)
- Series slides including blank background (jpeg files)
• Font download info

Note from the Author

This is a great series to use in October. But is fun and insightful to use anytime of the year.

Stranger Scriptures

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Check out this package for a fun twist on the Stranger Things Netflix series. Stranger Scriptures is a 3-week teaching series with creative video-based games and graphics. These message manuscripts will set you up both theologically and comedically and the 3 video games make this series a home run!
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Anthony Taylor

I LOVE having fun!! Especially with my wife Beth and our kids Sophia and Max.

I am a 7 with a 7 wing :)

Favorite things: building things, Children's Museum, Paddle boarding, Surfing, Fishing, Playing with my kids, Leading.

Least Favorite things: Libraries, paperwork, and socially awkward situations and bad decision.

Jeff is the Associate and Youth Pastor at Kalamazoo Community Church, in Kalamazoo, MI. He has been married to his wife Sarah since they were both 19 years old, a fact parents of students wish he would keep to himself. Together, they have two sons: Jakob and Jaxon.

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