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This 'Run The Race: Youth Event Guide" is an amazing tool which seeks to take advantage of an amazing opportunity. The opportunity to engage students in meaningful and impactful conversations centered on the themes from the movie. Intended to be used after viewing the movie, this event guide is designed for youth pastors and small group leaders. It includes everything you will need in order to create an outreach event, or facilitate an environment for your students to go deeper in their walk with Jesus.

"Run The Race" will be released in theaters on February 22, 2019

Check out the official "Run The Race" movie page: http://runtheracemovie.com/

What's included:
• How To Use - Using This Youth Event Guide
• What's Included - What's Inside This Youth Event Guide
• What To Play - Game Guide
• What To Say - Message Guide (manuscript form)
• How To Engage - Small Group Guide
• What To Share - Family Take Home Guide

Run The Race Youth Event Guide

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In theaters on February 22, 2019!

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