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Reverse Charade games make perfect countdown filler. In fact, we’ve included a version where the bottom left-hand corner has a place to put a countdown clock from your presentation software! We’ll usually have one or two students come up on stage to be the contestants. We make them face the audience and make sure they don’t see the screen (optional: get some heavy-duty ear-muffs from the hardware store for about $15 so your contestants can’t hear). The goal is for the audience to act out the words on the screen for the students on stage to guess.

We have an optional gameplay that includes a traitor. Basically, there’s a red box under the main word. You put in whatever description you’d like. The students in the audience who fit that description attempt to sabotage the student on stage. For example, if the traitor is, “Blue Shirts” anyone with a blue shirt acts out something different to throw off the contestants. The best part is that we have a growing library of Reverse Charade games to pull from! It’s an easy way to rotate students on stage every week to give them a chance to be on stage. Since the audience becomes familiar with the game, it’s really hard for the student on stage to mess up.

All Reverse Charade games come with

    a title slide,
    10 question & answer slides (20 total),
    a version for PowerPoint,
    a version for Keynote, and
    a version that gives you a space to put a countdown timer.

Reverse Charades - July 4th Edition

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Reverse Charades for the 4th of July!
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Michael Boyd

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