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Pokemon Go mania is at a fever pitch! Take advantage of the viral hit and play this fun game inspired by the amazing phenomenon. Pixelated Pokemon is a simple and fun Q/A game that can easily introduce your whole youth ministry to the world of Pokemon.

The main premise of the game is that the #1 Pokemon professor, Professor Oaks, invites everyone to his classroom to help decipher Pokemon that for some unexplained reason are highly pixelated. Each of the 10 Pokemon you decipher has a multiple choice question attached with only one correct choice.

For Pokemon Go crazies, this game will be fun and exciting, for newbies they'll enjoy getting to know a few things about these crazy viral characters. It is up to your youth to try and choose the correct answers to make their way on to becoming a true Pokemon master! There are many popular ways to play Q/A games like this: four corners, stand up sit down, team games, and call to stage. If you are looking for a relevant Pokemon game that engages your youth into the already popular Pokemon culture, this could be the one for you!

• Complete PowerPoint game file
• 22 Individual game slides (10 questions) (jpg files)
• Title slide (jpg file)

Pixelated Pokemon Game

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Pixelated Pokemon is a full participation game calling everyone to partake in class unlike any others testing their Pokemon knowledge.
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Jeremy Pedron

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