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Doug's note: This is the type of resource that helps us (average youth worker) guide parents--who look for practical help. This is a good resource to help parents--so much work has been done for you.

We all are constantly trying to navigate through the waters of responsible technology use. Parents are trying to figure out how to best parent this new generation. This resource walks students through responsible use of technology and social media. It's about more than education, though. It's about building bridges between students and parents, as well. Included in this resource is a parent/student discussion guide that we challenged our students to take home, using it to initiate a discussion with their parents. We also encouraged them to compile a technology contract for proper and responsible use of technology and social media.

This Resource Includes:
• Message manuscript (Word file)
• Small group guide (Word file)
• Parent/student discussion guide (Word file)
• Technology contract template (PDF)
• PowerPoint presentation file

Note from the Author

I recommend using Josh Shipp's Technology Contract--or adapting it to fit your ministry. You can find it here: https://joshshipp.com/teen-cell-phone-contract/

Responsible Technology

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This resource is comprehensive one-off lesson teaching students both the dangers of technology and ways to use it responsibly.
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Johnathan Baldwin

Johnathan (@jbaldy5) is a student ministries pastor from Indiana. He's married to Sara, and they have 3 ridiculously cute little guys. Johnathan loves youth ministry, sports, writing blogs, creating and listening to podcasts, and coffee. He is a proud DYM100 Alumni (x2).
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