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Two of the major issues that affect teens today are the attitude of narcissism and the distraction of technology. Actually, these two is-sues affect everyone in our society. The big question is, how can we approach these issues from a biblical point of view? Are there ways to fight our natural human drift toward self-centeredness? Are there boundaries that can limit the influence of technology?

Week 1: Technology – Matthew 14:23; Mark 1:35; Luke 5:16; John 6:15.

Week 2: Narcisissm – Acts 8:9-23

This Resource Includes:

• 2 word-for-word message manuscripts
• 2 PowerPoint files

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A 2-week series focusing on two issues that impact our culture: technology and narcissism.
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Zachary Malito

Zach is a husband, dad, youth pastor, writer, speaker, CrossFitter, and game player. He is husband to Ariel and dad to Judah, Levi, Asher, and Rayah.

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