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How well do you know that burger you're eating? This game is super-simple, but surprisingly more challenging that you'd think. All you have to do is show your students a picture of a hamburger and have them identify the restaurant and the name of the burger. Sounds easy, right? Yeah, that's what we thought before we played it for the first time.

What’s Included:

    • Complete PowerPoint game file
    • 10 Individual game slides (jpg files)
    • Title Slide
    • Alternative version for Apple Keynote

Name That Burger -- Volume 1

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A screen-based game that tests your students’ knowledge of hamburgers and will make you hungry
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Joshua Boldman

Josh is the Student Ministries Director for Willow Crystal Lake, a campus of Willow Creek Community Church in Crystal Lake, IL. He has a DYM Gold Membership that he uses all the time... he also has a gym membership that he has yet to actually use...

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Well now I'm hungry
After playing this game at all 3 of my services all I want is a burger, which in reality is all I want after most Sunday services.

This game is fun and the right amount of challenging. Some of my more solid built students and volunteers got many of them correct but it was a real challenge even for those that are gifted in that area.

Fun game, you need this one!
Great game!
After playing "Name That Burger" our students engaged in worship like never before. Yes, a burger game broke down their walls to encounter and receive the love of Christ, remarkable! So thankful for the team behind DYM.
Very Geographically Specific
Great concept but it is very Geographically Specific. Where I'm at we don't have Rally's, Krystal's, or Checker's...

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