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Editor's note: Super clever. While some may think this is niche, it could easily work with a message on words, speech, the tongue, etc. Strong graphics.

So, Martin Luther, that famous theologian and instigator of the Protestant Reformation was pretty well known for, how do you say, "speaking his mind." This screen game challenges students to decide, "Did Martin Luther say that insult or did someone else?" Don't worry, all the insults are 100% clean. This would make a great introduction to a lesson about the reformation, Luther, theology or even a lesson about anger and the power of the tongue.

This Resource Includes:
• A complete PowerPoint game file
• Individual (14 Q&A + instructions) game slides (jpeg files)
• Blank slides for customization (jpeg files)
• Title slide (jpeg file)

Note from the Author

Use this game as a discussion starter about Martin Luther, the reformation or even the power of the tongue. If a student can guess who said one of the insults Luther didn't say, give them a prize. This game is all in good fun but steer clear from encouraging or allowing students to insult each other.

Martin Luther Insults

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A 100% clean and 100% funny screen game that challenges students to decide if Martin Luther said a displayed insult or if someone else said it.
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John Cleveland

I've been a youth leader / pastor for 10+ years now, and recently graduated from Knox Seminary. I can't think of a ministry more challenging, rewarding and sanctifying than discipling teens. I'm married to Sara and we have a fish named "Captain Redbeard" (no relation).

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