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We constantly tell students to read their Bibles, but we rarely take the time to teach them how. Bible reading is a skill to be learned and practiced. This series is aimed at practicality. Each week is designed to coach students into effective Bible reading.

This product has a TON of content! It’s not light, but it’s very detailed and strong. The DYM Team would definitely use this content for a deeper, more detailed Bible study or Sunday School class. Do you others on your team who want to teach? If so, give them this content and turn them into a pro.

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Week 1: How’d You Get Here? This week looks at how we got the Bible by investigating two “I”s: Inspiration and Infallibility. Lastly, we talk about Bible translations and encourage the students to find and use a translation that they understand.

Week 2: There’s a Map in the Glove Box This week’s goal is to map out the Bible. We give the students an overview of the Bible’s structure and talk about the main themes as well as the different genres of the books. We conclude this lesson by going over several keys for reading the different books of the Bible.

Week 3: When the Light Bulb Turns On This week we examine two natural impulses that Bible readers have. Then we try to offer alternatives to those impulses. The two main themes covered are illumination of the Holy Spirit and overview reading.

Week 4: OIA? This week introduces the students to a simple method of Bible study – the OIA method. OIA is an acronym of Observation, Interpretation, Application. We walk the students through all three steps in the process. After each step, the lesson is paused so students can practice the step in groups.

Week 5: Let Me Check the Tool Box The point of this week is to introduce students to various tools for Bible study. We cover various Bible apps, an online topical Bible, and we teach students how to use study Bibles. After a tool is introduced, the students are given time to explore the tool for themselves

What’s included:

    • Complete lesson plans for each week
    • Student handouts for each week
    • Individual PowerPoint presentations for each lesson
    • Weekly student challenges
    • Follow-up questions for parents for each lesson
    • Fully editable artwork.

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Keep Calm and Read Your Bible

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In this complete five-week resource package, you won’t just tell students to read the Bible, you’ll show them how to do it!

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Bill Vervelde

I like teaching but stunk at all the subjects in school. Now I get to teach the best subject of all - Jesus!

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