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Inked is a series that has been used in a church of 5,000 and in a church plant of 300. Everything is done for you to create an experience around the idea of "tattooing" God's Word on our hearts. The series looks at Psalm 119 throughout each of the 3 weeks so that students see that the Bible is their 1.) lifeblood 2.) shield 3.) flashlight. This content has games, response activities, small group guides for formats with or without large group, teaching scripts and outlines, PowerPoints, tons of ideas for production and creative elements, social media graphics, games that actually go with the lesson, a parent discussion guide, and even a 3-week "Inked Journal" that leads them in short daily devotions through all of Psalm 119. This series is perfect for middle school or high school small groups, youth group, a weekend retreat, Sunday school, or even a Bible study for a parent and a student! Plug this series into your scope and sequence to help students fall in love with God's Word!

This Resource Includes:
• Series Overview Document
• Teaching Scripts
• Teaching Outlines
• Small Group curriculum that stands alone without a large group component that includes leader prep, prayer prompts, activities, questions, and response times all formatted for stand-alone small groups.
• Small Group Guide to be used in conjunction with a large group meeting
• PowerPoint presentations • Interactive games that have to do with each week's message
• Response activities for each week
• TONS of creative programming ideas and practical application follow up ideas
• Multiple social media graphics for each week
• A parent discussion guide!!!!! and parent email
• A logo graphic
• AND an entire 3-week daily journal for students to get into the Word on their own throughout the series. Pro Tip This series was used in a church with 350 students and now has been used again in a church plant with 25 students. Everyone wants God to speak to them! I want every student to see that God's Word is God speaking to them. This series creates an opportunity for students to fall in love with the Bible and the God of the Bible.


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Inked is a 3-week all-inclusive teaching package that looks at how important it is to "tattoo" God's Word on our hearts!
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Sabrina Hadro

Sabrina has been doing youth ministry for 12 years. She has her bachelor's degree in Youth Ministry from Lincoln Christian University. She has staff experience both working in mega churches and at a church plant, middle school and high school, creative arts, small groups, and director roles.

Now, by day she is the momma to 2 little girls in the land of 10,000 lakes: Minnesota! Her and her husband love attending River Valley Church and currently volunteer with the local FCA. And she still loves creating resources to help other youth workers win!

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