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Files included:
  • 1 Intro video
  • 10 Question and Answers (video slides)
  • 1 Looping Hack Spinner
  • 15 Hacks Video Slides
  • 6 Instagramable pics
  • Instructions

    “Hack” a student’s Instagram on stage! Halloween-style!

    The game feared by all students with an Instagram account returns with a Halloween twist! Bring a victim… cough… contestant on stage and have them log into their Instagram account on your phone. We show you how to display the phone on your projector. The contestant will be asked a series of Halloween related questions (slides included). If they get a question wrong, you get to, “hack” their account in front of everyone (the whole audience laughs and squirms at the same time).

    We’ve included a “Hack Spinner” that allows you to “randomly” pick a hack that’s going to happen (15 to choose from)! Continue the game until your out of questions (10 total) or the student passes out in embarrassment!

    Example hacks:
    Banana - Post a photoshopped Amazon purchase of a $210 banana costume (included) and type, “28% off my new costume! Sweet!”
    Date - Ask someone they’re following and ask if they want to go on a date for Halloween together!
    Plans - Take a photo of the student making a mean face on stage, post it on Instagram with the text, “I’m planning on a crashing a children’s
    Halloween party and taking all of their candy. Anyone down to join me?”
    Unfollow 5 friends
    Unfollow 20 friends
    Unfollow ALL friends
    Obsessed - Pick a random follower and like every single one of their pictures!
    Roadkill - Post an Instagram of roadkill (decent pics included) and leave a caption that says, "Yikes! Just hit someone's cat! Lol!"
    Rash - Post an Instagram of a rash (decent pics included) and leave a caption that asks for ointments.
    Love is in the air - Snap a pic of the student with another student and make the caption say, "She/He finally said YES!!! Love him/her so much!!!"
    Confession Time - Have the contestant take a self-shot, post it, and leave a caption that says, "Truth is: I wet the bed because I'm lazy."
    Mystery - Have fun doing whatever comes to your mind!!!
  • Instahack: Halloween Edition

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    Spooky version of the best game ever!

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