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Paper Trail is a great active game to get students up and moving while encouraging them all to pay attention even when it's not their turn. The idea is simple, follow the path across the paper. The catch is, the students need to find the path by trial and error. All you need to provide is some scrap sheets of paper. This is great as a game for large and small groups alike. It works best if everyone can see what's going on since the paper maze will be on the floor. Editor note: Great game and great idea! Good as an equalizer type game to involve all students regardless of skill or age.

This Resource Includes:
• Gameplay instructions and tips (Word file)
• 8 "maps" of two different sizes, 1 blank "map" of each size to make your own (pdf file)
• Title slide (jpeg file)

Paper Trail

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Like hopscotch meets a corn maze....minus the corn. A great active game to get all students involved and working together!
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Joe has served in youth/young adult ministry since 2012. He is currently serving as the Youth Pastor at Lift Church in Kansas City, MO, and previously served as the Director of Admissions at Elim Bible Institute & College in Lima, NY. He enjoys spending time with his wife and new baby boy, as well as "fellowshipping" with friends over video games.

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