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So you’ve got a bunch of teenagers who think they know all about Pokémon because of the smash-hit app Pokémon Go? HA! Well, it is time to put them in their place…errr… we mean test their knowledge on all things Pokémon. Can you catch ‘em all?

This trivia game can be played in a number of ways:
- Up-front game with two “Pokémon” masters.
- Crowd game (our favorite) in which everyone plays and has to move either to the left, or right side of the room. If they answer incorrectly, they sit down. Last one standing wins.

You should definitely consider giving out some sort of Pokémon prize to the winner!

Includes: • Complete PowerPoint game file
• 23 Individual game slides (10 questions) (jpg files)
• Title slide (jpg file)

Catch ‘Em All

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In this screen game participants attempt to answer questions related to Pokemon
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